The Perfect Proposal

I woke up this morning
With one thing on my mind,
To show my girl a good evening
And pray that everything works out fine,
It was three days past the middle of February
Three days past the love holiday,
Since mother nature kept us away so long
It’s only right that we share this day….

It was the seventeenth of February
And so far everything was ordinary,
From the moment that you walked out the door
Your life would not be the same anymore,
It was the first gift of many to come
I sent you out to get your nails done,
For you it was to keep your sister company, and for something to do
For me it was to set you up, for surprise number two,
You returned, only wanting to leave back out
Not knowing your attire for the night was already picked out,
As you proceeded to unravel in what you would be so fine
At that very moment, you began to approach cloud nine,
With tears gliding down your beautiful face
We came together for a warm and loving embrace,
From the look in your eyes
I knew you appreciated what was done,
But the night you were about to have
You had no idea what was to come,
As we approached our time to depart
We marveled in each other’s presence,
Taking pictures to capture the moment
Because tonight, our time was of the essence,
As we left we gave our farewells
To drive off in a distant memory,
The Liacouras Center was our destination
The Soul Jams Concert, Hits of the 70’s,
Your face was overbearing with excitement
You were the only one not to know what was next,
While we were driving your mom even passed us
But you didn’t know, and at this point, I bet you could care less,
You were in your own little world
To show you how much I parked in front of a fire hydrant,
When you got out you did not even second the notion
You were just worried about going in,
As we went to approach our seats
You had to contain yourself to act your age,
Because we kept walking closer and closer
Our seats were not too far from the stage,
We sat and enjoyed the show
Singing along to some familiar tunes,
But me wanting everything to go right
I was hoping the show did not end too soon,
It was time for the headlining act
The Stylistics, the stars of the show,
Once they got through with their performance
It was just about time to go,
As The Stylistics finished up with their set
I received a call from an anonymous female,
She told me that she would be waiting outside
I’m thinking perfect, here comes her next surprise……The Limo,
As we walked out the building
Connected hand in hand,
She heard the call of a familiar name…Brickus
At that point, everything was going according to the plan,
As we were greeted by the chauffer
We proceeded to enter the limo,
Your facial expression was priceless
And your body let off a heavenly glow,
We relaxed and enjoyed the ride
Engaging in conversation, talking about our night,
And then at last we were at home
To put the finishing touches on a wonderful night,
As we entered the front door
You were delighted with, candles, balloons, and rose pedals,
With Boyz II Men, “Thank You In Advance” playing in the background
You had no idea what you’d had got yourself into,
You were in awe about how everything was playing out
Still trying to digest what surprise was the best,
But little did you know about the grand finale
And what surprise you were going to receive next,
We exchanged our gifts in the midst of the atmosphere
Me being a gentleman, I let you present your first,
When it came time for me to give you your gift
I told you a lie, only to make you expect the worst,
I proceeded to tell you how thankful I was
For having someone like you in my life,
At this point it was now or never
To take this opportunity to ask you to be my wife,
As I approached the kneeling status
I could feel the tremble of your body through your hands,
As I reached in my pocket for your gift
Your eyes were glued on every movement of my hand,
When I extracted my hand you became excited
Shielding your face trying to wipe away the tears,
Anxiety was now filling the room
Waiting for the words that would be penetrating your ears,
I extended my hand with the ring box open
In perfect position, on bended knee,
At last, the phrase women wait a lifetime to hear
I asked, Will You Marry Me?


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Thank you for taking the time out to read a few lines. My creations are depicted from any and everything whether it's personal opinion, thoughts in my head, something brought about by a conversation, or something I've witnessed out in the world. Welcome to the mind of TBrick...Relax, free your mind and let the words illustrate within your imagination!

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  1. sunnydelyte21 says :

    This is beautiful


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