Element of Surprise

All of the elements in one place,
with nothing but opportunity knocking at the door
all it takes is one spark to fly
and what was pure imagination becomes more,
One phone call, one text
the beginning to the unknown taking place,
Once an interest of one another becomes evident
Some things will never be able to be erased,
One hug becomes one kiss
Enough to get a set of emotions flowing,
A bigger embrace and a tongue twist
and your emotions become in need of controlling,
Not knowing what to expect at any given moment
Never knowing what the next action may be,
Always saying your actions will forever speak louder than words
Hoping you will be around to see,
Knowing how it feels to get that old thing back
Putting that smile on from ear to ear,
Not having a care of what’s going on around you
Just as long as that one person is near,
Revealing old emotions you thought you outgrew
Developing a new-found respect for the word love,
Comparing this person to everybody before them
Knowing they would always be a cut above,
Having the feeling that the possibilities were endless
Because with this person everything was a go,
Showing you a side of life that you never witnessed
Introducing you to things you thought you’d never know,
Never a dull moment
When indulged in your existence,
The spell in which you have put upon me
Is making me become all too persistent,
The first occasion of everything
Mind-blowing in its own right,
A battle of the mind and body
The difference between day and night,
Always wanting to do what’s admirable
Always wanting to engage in things less commendable,
Trying to define the line so not to cross it
But find it troubling every time involved with you,
All of the elements formulated into one
As everything between us continues to rise,
Formed into one specific ingredient
“The Element of Surprise”


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About tbrick11

Thank you for taking the time out to read a few lines. My creations are depicted from any and everything whether it's personal opinion, thoughts in my head, something brought about by a conversation, or something I've witnessed out in the world. Welcome to the mind of TBrick...Relax, free your mind and let the words illustrate within your imagination!

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