Moving forward, but looking back
sidetracked by what has come and gone
not able to fully grasp the concept
of what it truly means to move on
continually focusing on the rear-view
waiting for something to sneak up from behind
but not knowing that deep within the shadows
anything that could cause any such damage
would be just about impossible to find
disregarding the here and now
electing to focus on what’s no longer relevant
looking in the rear-view watching time pass by
as what stands before, continues moving a forward motion
risking the possibility of being side-swiped
for not controlling the task that is at hand
instead worrying more about being on the defensive
leaving an opening, a possibility, a chance
the rear-view, made to reflect, but continue on
too much of any one reflection can be enough to doom one from holding on.


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About tbrick11

Thank you for taking the time out to read a few lines. My creations are depicted from any and everything whether it's personal opinion, thoughts in my head, something brought about by a conversation, or something I've witnessed out in the world. Welcome to the mind of TBrick...Relax, free your mind and let the words illustrate within your imagination!

2 responses to “Rear-View”

  1. Sanah says :

    This is amazing ! Good job Sir ! 🙂


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