Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams

Sweet dreams often turn to disgust in reality
Knowing the moment I open my eyes, you are no longer here with me
Frustrated that I can no longer feel your touch, elated to know what once was will soon be again,
Sweet dreams…how can you be so near and dear yet you seem to escape my grasps when it seems to feel so much a reality,
How can you elude what’s become our destiny, night in and night out,
You comfort me, ease the pain, console me in my time of hurt
But yet, when I need you the most you neglect what you have come to know the most…
My inner thoughts, inner feelings
My desire to fulfill the void that has escaped me for so long…
The emptiness only you can consume,
Sweet dreams,
Take control of me, console me, bring my vision to life…
Make everything we have through the night be the thing that helps to make my days shine bright…
Sweet dreams,
Make me complete, complete me, lets not shy away from what others may think or say,
Sweet dreams,
You were once a reality…
Everything that could have been dreamt, was you, every memory that was created was from you,
Every moment of my day…consisted of you,
My reality,
Up and left, departed, disengaged,
Left what once was for what could be…
My reality left me with sweet dreams,
Trying to reconfigure what once was, with what once could be, with what is….
Only in my sweet dreams!


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About tbrick11

Thank you for taking the time out to read a few lines. My creations are depicted from any and everything whether it's personal opinion, thoughts in my head, something brought about by a conversation, or something I've witnessed out in the world. Welcome to the mind of TBrick...Relax, free your mind and let the words illustrate within your imagination!

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