Chapter 9: A Breath of Fresh Air

           Well rested, satisfied and ready to take on the week full speed ahead, Shawn was at work and full of energy.  The past weekend may have been the best thing that happened to him in quite some time.  There was a refreshing aura that was traveling with his presence.  It must have been noticeable because everyone in the office couldn’t help but to display their admiration for the work that was being done.  Shawn was feeling like himself, but then again, in a sense, felt that something had come over him.  Whatever it was, he was going to roll with the punches without asking himself any questions. 

Finished with work for the day, Shawn still felt like a new bottle of five hour energy ready to explode.  With the rest of the day to himself, he wanted to compose a plan going forward to keep himself active so he would be ready for the upcoming fitting with the rest of the guys.  That was a night he was more than looking forward to because he knew it was going to be something of epic proportions.  Not wanting to get a gym membership and be stuck around individuals he had no interest in spending time with, Shawn decided to go to the store and pick up some fresh running sneakers so he could begin hitting the trails nearby after he finished work.  That would be his way of burning off excess energy as well as enjoying the elements during his travels.  Between making wedding arrangements, coordinating with the fellas and staying on course with Tia, Shawn’s plate was going to be beyond full up until the nuptials, but it was something he was looking forward to.
           Shawn reached the midway point in the week and still hadn’t heard anything from Chanel.  It was kind of a catch twenty-two.  On one hand, he enjoyed everything about her and being in her presence, but on the other hand, what they had could only go on for so long so this could be the early stages of fading off into the distance facing the reality of the situation.  At this point Shawn didn’t want to initiate contact after investing so many hours into getting himself and Tia back on proper terms.  If Chanel wanted anything to do with him, she would have to be the first to reach out or everything they shared would be considered history.  Shawn would speak with Tia here and there throughout the days, but once the evening hours came around, he couldn’t help but to think of the comfort he shared with Chanel and how he yearned for certain things she could provide.  Not wanting to break down, Shawn would linger on the social entities he had access to, liking pictures, hoping Chanel would get the hint that she was being thought of.  Caught in his feelings as the guilt began creeping in, the sound of Shawn’s phone going off brought a feeling of excitement.  After seeing what was coming through from the notifications that feeling of excitement quickly changed to disappointment.  “Wsup playa?  What you been up to?  What you getting into this weekend?”  It had been quite some time since Shawn spoke with Lonnie so he didn’t want to leave him hanging, but he also wasn’t in the mood to be talking to anyone besides that one person that was occupying his thoughts.  “Man, I been chillin, getting stuff in order with T and the wedding n stuff.  I don’t have anything planned right now, why what’s going on?”  Not wanting to engage in conversation, but knowing this could lead to something to keep the mind in the right place, Shawn abruptly got out of his funk and continued with the text convo.  Lonnie was the reserved, yet wild one that knew how to have a good time so the possibilities were endless when they got together.  Lonnie replied, “That’s wsup.  I might be out in the city this weekend so if ur tryna go out, just let me know.”  With that brief conversation, the plans for the weekend were set and Shawn was just looking to go out and have a good time and enjoy what the nightlife had to offer. 
Five o’clock rolled around on Friday and Shawn couldn’t think about anything but getting some drinks, relaxing and having a good time.  Anything to take the mind off of the two females that played a major role in his life.  Before heading home, Shawn made sure to hit up Lonnie to find out the details of where everything was taking place.  “Yo cuz, what spot u hitting up tonight?”  “Wuzzup or summin.  I was thinking about hitting up Oldy City and hitting the hot spots!”  Shawn replied, “Aight, bet.  I’m about to head home now.  Just hit me when you’re about to roll out!”  Shawn took the next few hours to get himself in order before setting out to what could be pretty eventful to say the least.  Shawn headed out with plans to make it to Oldy City by eleven.  Once parked on Market, he met up with Creep at the entrance to the Martini Bar where they paid the cover and headed straight to the bar.  The crowd was pretty light outside only because it was filled to capacity once you got through the doors.  On the walk to the bar, the amount of eye candy that was present was beyond what words could explain.  The male to female ratio was probably about four to one at the least.  Being engaged and sort of involved, Shawn was in no position to feed the desires that lied within or he would be subject to a more complicated life than what any man could handle.  In true Lonnie fashion, two rounds of shots were ordered while they were conversing with the many ladies that approached the bar for drinks.  There were a few moments where some flirtatious dialogue and glances were exchanged but nothing too serious to materialize into anything.  Since Lonnie was the single one for the night, he went on throughout the bar and mingled unapologetically with any female he felt was above his standards.  Not wanting to be that guy, Shawn found his way into the calm night air to see what was happening outside.  Being pretty familiar with the area, Shawn ran into a few individuals that he knew from previous encounters. 
As he was talking to an old college friend, Shawn felt a tug on the left side of his hip from someone walking up from behind.  Not sure what to think, Shawn turned around expecting it to be a case of mistaken identity, but to his surprise, he was stunned by the beauty that stood before him.  Not only was it someone he knew, but it was someone he once had a strong connection to, but because of conflicting matters, they didn’t think it would be in their best interest to hold on to a love that may never get to reach its full potential.  Shawn was speechless.  He didn’t know what to think of what was transpiring right before his eyes.  Before he could utter a word, she embraced him with a loving hug and a kiss on the cheek as if no time had elapsed.   Amazed by how beautiful she was since the day he last saw her, those were the first words Shawn could spit out. “Wow Carmen, you look beautiful!”  Carmen, not expecting to hear those words at that very moment took time to acknowledge Shawn as well.  “Well thank you Shawn.  You’re not doing bad yourself.  Just like I remember you, sweet and sexy.”  Shawn couldn’t help but to get caught in a daze staring into Carmen’s eyes.  They resembled the peace and calmness of the blue summer skies.  Feeling proud about himself, Shawn was eager to know what Carmen was doing back in the area.  “So, what are you doing back around these parts?”  “I moved back to the area.  Once I finished school, I felt that it was time to come back home and be around my family.”  “Ooo, I see.  Well glad to have you back, I mean good seeing you.  I still can’t believe it’s you standing in front of me!”  “Is that a good thing or bad thing?”  Carmen wanted to test the waters to see if Shawn had the slightest bit of interest that she was back in town.  “Well, it’s not bad.  Well it is but it isn’t, long story!”  Not wanting to quite reveal that he was soon to be married just yet, Shawn strayed from telling the whole truth.   “Well whenever you have some time, I would love to hear that story!”  Not wanting to begin a process he knew he wouldn’t be able to end, Shawn was going to leave it at that but Carmen was persistent in knowing that she wanted to get Shawn alone to see where she actually stood on his priority list of life events.  “So Shawn, I don’t want to put too much pressure on you, but here’s my number.  Feel free to use it! Don’t be a stranger” As she walked away, her eyes told a story of desirable proportions.  Carmen’s eyes were fucking the life out of Shawn and at the time, he had no idea what was going on.  Carmen knew she had carved out an entryway to the possibility of future moments with Shawn, but only time would tell how that story would unravel.  Shawn was in awe, admiring the growth of what had become a grown, mature Carmen.  Long, natural dark brown hair lengthy enough to make any female snarl in disgust, wishing her genes were good enough to resemble the quality that could only be produced in bundles found at your nearest hair shop.  Breast big enough to fill out the C cup in your latest Victoria Secret bra and an ass big enough to fall out of the sexiest pair of boy shorts in the latest fashion.  Shawn knew he wanted Carmen, he knew he could have Carmen, but most of all, Shawn knew he and Carmen could never be due to his engagement and planned wedding with Tia.  Shawn’s thoughts were racing a million miles per minute of how he could potentially alter his life to somehow include the woman he would often fantasize about since she vacated his life years ago.  There was Tia and there was Chanel, but neither of those females combined could equate to what he felt toward Carmen.  On one hand he knew he couldn’t end what he had with Tia over the sudden urge to reconcile with someone who may not even be wife material and there was still the open-ended situation involving Chanel that was still unsettled.  Shawn was dealing with a trio of female conundrums that any man would be fond of having, but for Shawn, he wanted to be able to invest his time into one individual.  As time progressed, the circumstances he coveted became too mind-boggling to try to comprehend.   Shawn was suffocating in quicksand from a situation he produced himself.  There had to be a way out.  In due time, Shawn was going to prepare himself for something that should have been done a long time ago, but for now, he was hell-bent on making up for lost time even if that cost him the one woman he knew he could trust with his life.  With so many thoughts occupying the mind, Shawn opted to text Lonnie that he was heading back home rather than stay out and try to enjoy what remained of the night.  As Shawn was walking back to pick up his car, he couldn’t erase the encounter that materialized with Carmen and knowing his thoughts would haunt him until he saw the sun the next day, without hesitation, Shawn pulled out his phone to try to arrange a nightcap.  Before he was able to hit the send button, an incoming message popped up on the screen.  “You up?”  Caught off guard, Shawn didn’t know whether to respond or just wait until the morning using the late hour as his excuse for not responding back.  Having not spoken to Chanel in quite some time, he now knew that she was thinking of him and she would be there tomorrow when the time would be more adequate.  Shawn made the decision that he would text back more toward the morning with his sights set on hooking up with Carmen before the night was over.  Discarding the message on the screen from Chanel, Shawn proceeded to press send hoping the return on investment would pay off immediately after turning down what was guaranteed goods for the night. 
           It was about one in the morning and Carmen was just now getting back to Shawn.  “Hey baby, didn’t think I would be hearing from you this soon.  You still around?”  At this point, Shawn was feeling some type of way because he knew Carmen couldn’t have been sleep when he sent the message so he felt he was being played just as he was playing Chanel.  Not wanting to waste the night away and not wanting to sound too desperate, Shawn responded trying to play it off as if he was just hanging in the house.  “Yeah, I’m just up watching TV.  I couldn’t get to sleep once I got in the house so I figured I would reach out to see what was going on with you.”  Shawn knew damn well he was hoping Carmen was available so he could get a taste of that Latin flavor he had been missing all those years.  Coming off too jubilant wouldn’t be ideal after a first encounter.  Inside, Carmen was feeling the same way but trying to disguise it as much as possible not wanting to seem that easy after seeing Shawn for just a few minutes.  She wanted to respond in her usual blunt self but tried to sustain as much as she could in fear of pushing Shawn away by being too straightforward.  “I literally just got in and saw the message from you.  I didn’t want u to think I was dodging you or anything like that.  It was good seeing u earlier.  Hopefully u can make some time for me one of these days!”  Shawn couldn’t help but to let out a slight grin as he finished reading the message.  He knew he was golden.  Done playing games, Shawn knew what he wanted and didn’t feel like waiting any longer.  “I have time for you right now ;-), question is, do you have time for me?”  In an instant, Carmen replied,   “Whether I had time or not, I would make it for u anytime!!  I’m ready!  Been ready!!  How you want to do this?”  Shawn with a quick reply, “since you just got in, I can come to you if that’s cool!”  Carmen already had her response prompted, “Ok, here’s my address, 621 Lea Street.  Just let me know when u get outside!  Don’t keep me waiting!!”  Before the text came through, Shawn was already up, dressed and ready to head out the door.  The anticipation of seeing that succulent sweet honey complexion in all its glory was enough to make any man lose track of his priorities in life.  Shawn made it over to Carmen’s in just under twenty minutes and sent a text as he walked to the door.  “I’m here!”  Feeling nervous and thrilled in one emotion, Shawn couldn’t wait to appreciate all that Carmen had to offer, even if it was just for the night. 
           Opening the door in her red Chantilly lace teddy lingerie, Shawn was speechless.  Speechless was an understatement.  His expression did all the talking that was necessary.  Carmen welcomed him inside and pulled him close enough that she could feel a slight bulge coming from the interior of his pants.  Carmen, curious asked, “Is this u letting me know that you’ve missed me after all these years?”  Letting off a slight chuckle, Shawn went along with the conversation.  “Maybe, wouldn’t you like that?  Let’s just say, somebody is happy to see you!”  With a smile on her face, Carmen replied, “I’ll take that.  Let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”  Without wasting any time, Carmen led Shawn up the stairs to the master bedroom which featured an oversized king bed lined with satin sheets and rose petals, mood candles, elegant jazz in the background and a mesmerizing display of ceiling and wall mirrors to add to the fascination of the events to take place.  Shawn was impressed by the effort put forth and would make every attempt not to hold back on what he had to offer.  The way the red lace complemented Carmen’s body instilled an image that would resonate with Shawn for the foreseeable future.  Carmen’s curves were in all the right places and Shawn couldn’t wait to go into exploration mode on every peak and valley that resonated within Carmen.  Shawn was led over to the bed where Carmen knelt before him ready to devour every inch of his manhood she could possibly handle.  As Shawn’s pants were being pulled to his knees, the excitement that lay in hiding escaped, spring boarding right to the lips of Carmen, in which she gazed into Shawn’s eyes and caressed with her tongue the head of his penis, sending him into a quiver, savoring the warm, comforting touch Carmen’s mouth provided.  Carmen continued onto the shaft, mimicking as if she was tasting the most desirable flavor of her favorite lollipop.  Hearing the oohs and aahs from Shawn encouraged her to go faster, then slower, faster, then slower, increasing her levels of desire while sending Shawn into a pre-orgasmic mode longing for more.  Shawn was in paradise.  Grasping Carmen’s hair from behind, he peered through her soul, sending a chill that resembled the breeze cutting through the skyscrapers on a windy Chicago day.   Shawn guided Carmen’s head in a rhythmic nature, back and forth, back and forth, beginning to move his hips as if he were entrenched in a wet batch of pussy.  Lost in the moment, he felt the limbs of his lower portion weakening with every bob of the head.  Shawn was now battling the notion of delivering every drop of semen he could produce into Carmen’s mouth and forego what was left of the evening or pull-up short to partake in the one moment that had escaped him for what seemed like an eternity.  Carmen, noticing she was offering up grade A felacio, was all in, ready and willing to ingest the love potion that lay dormant within Shawn.  As much as the little head was winning the current battle, Shawn garnered enough mental strength to eject from the suction like force placing Carmen on the bed, ready to make his grand entrance into the one woman he’d always loved, but was never able to make love to. 
           Not sure of how Carmen preferred her lovemaking, Shawn would have to progress with caution, relying on the acquired skills from previous interactions along the way.  Having so many delectable areas to choose from, Shawn was in disarray as where to begin.  Knowing he wanted to work his way to the luscious center, he navigated his way from bottom to top, slowly caressing the feet, massaging the legs and gently licking the inner thighs right up until he reached the crevice of where Carmen’s lips would meet the tongue.  Shawn wanted Carmen to desire his touch in every way.  Resisting tasting her sodden delicacy, Carmen let out a sigh of unpleasant nature, craving to feel the fervor that Shawn’s tongue would present.  With the pant from his intense breathing, Carmen could feel her temperature rising by the second, reaching a level she could not identify with.  Gently panting below, while fondling what seemed to be the perfect sized breast, Carmen’s body was feeling an internal energy that put her in the most vulnerable position.  As she began to utter how much she loved and missed Shawn, the foretaste got the best of Shawn and he couldn’t help but to dive in, big head first, consuming the moisture that lied within, fulfilling his oral appetite for love.  Shawn was devouring Carmen’s genitalia as if it was the first time he was granted permission to explore downtown.  Licking and sucking on the clitoris with his head clutched firmly by the enjoying party, Shawn took it as a sign that he was doing everything just the way Carmen liked it, perhaps even better because for a moment, he felt that he wouldn’t be able to come up for air from the strength Carmen was displaying.  Shawn was intent on exhibiting all of the tricks he learned over the years, only so he could present to Carmen what she had been missing out on for all the years she was away.  For tonight, Shawn was carrying on as if he didn’t have one loyal bone in his body, and as long as the others weren’t present, he would continue to do so.  Hearing Carmen’s radiant voice propelled him to maneuver his way up to her chest, this way he could nibble on her breast preparing himself for insertion into the unknown.  With what was about to take place, Shawn was determined for one outcome, and that was to not cum too early.  Anything else would be considered a victory. 
           As Shawn slowly entered in the tip, the moistness felt was a deflating blow to his morale for what he was anticipating to be an adventurous evening.  On first contact he thought to himself, ‘damn I don’t know how I’m going to last in this!’  Shawn felt as if he was swimming in the ocean with no life vest present.  He didn’t want to proclaim it as the best he ever had, but in the moment, there was no doubt he had never experienced anything quite like this.  He wanted to attribute it to being the first time but for it being his first Latin lover, he was convinced it was the Latin flavor more than anything.  As Shawn thrusted in and out, he could hear the crashing of the two love muscles reflecting the sounds of freshly splashed pool water.  Carmen produced enough self-lubricant to supply the major retailers.  Shawn began to get into a groove, stroking, glaring at the facial expressions from every stroke Carmen was enduring.  He knew he was getting the best of her every time she tried to inch her body away.  In his head, Shawn knew she hadn’t experienced anything yet.  Once he switched positions, he knew he would be able to give her all that she wanted and more.  Although Shawn had never been with a Latina, he heard intriguing stories from the likes of Malik and Cam.  One thing was for sure, if they weren’t good at anything else, in the bedroom, they were unofficial porn stars, something that Shawn had no problem welcoming.  Shawn switched positions from missionary to the saucy spoon which enabled him to get a deeper penetration to test just how much Carmen would be able to endure.  Being able to grab a handful of breast all the while grabbing a handful of asscheek, Shawn was swerving in and out burrowing his personal shovel as deep as the depths would allow.  Carmen began shifting her posture, and with every stroke, Shawn was colliding with her spot, heightening the occasion to what was looking to be a picture perfect ending.  The emotions in the room began escalating for both and Carmen wanting to become more intimate worked her way on top, wanting to give Shawn a ride for the ages.  Carmen made her way down Shawn’s pole like a seasoned firewoman, clutching tightly with her vaginal walls, wanting to lure out Shawn’s baby making sperm cells in an instant.  Shawn was flabbergasted with the notion in which Carmen was able to sway her body in motions that could only be seen by visiting your nearest risqué night club.  Carmen was engaged, lip bitten, focused on Shawn and his display of pleasure letting him know with every movement that he was hers for the night and if she could have it her way, it would go far beyond just the one night.  Carmen was planning on riding him into the sunset but Shawn had something different in mind.  One of Shawn’s biggest desires with Carmen was to see just how fat her ass was sexing from behind.  With the night being the perfect time, he was not going to let the prime opportunity pass him by.  Shawn guided Carmen to the edge of the bed, implying for her to spread her legs as if she were the latest suspect being searched during a traffic stop.  He took a step back so he could take in the sight of what stood before him.  With a sly grin, Shawn could do nothing but shake his head in approval of the voluptuous body standing before him knowing he was about to hammer away trying to fuck the life out of Carmen. 
Gawking at the way he could see Carmen’s breast dangling through the rear of her stance, Shawn mosied from behind with the intent on finishing what was started, leaving Carmen satisfied yet uncontent because this wasn’t something she could obtain on a daily basis.  Shawn worked his way in Usher style, nice and slow.  Every pump Shawn could feel the squeeze of Carmen’s walls causing him to question himself on if getting married was exactly the right thing to be doing at this point in his life.  Although he believed Tia was the right female to settle down with, he now wasn’t so sure if he was ready to settle down.  Settling down wasn’t the issue, it was more so giving up everything that came along with it.  Nevertheless, Shawn remained on task getting deeper and deeper with each stroke grunting and moaning while Carmen was accepting of the pounding letting off moans of her own.  The deeper Shawn went, the sexier Carmen became to him.  The sex became so intense for her she began enunciating phrases in Spanish which drove Shawn to penetrate as deep as he possibly could, balls deep.  Carmen sunk in her position, arching her back with the intention of climaxing simultaneously with Shawn.  Loving every bit of it, Carmen began to yell “harder, harder” to which Shawn responded by gripping both ass cheeks as if he were palming two miniature basketballs.  The density of Carmen’s ass in his hands pushed him closer to the brink, prompting him to pump harder and faster, ass to thighs awaiting the special feeling that came with what felt like releasing your inner soul.  As Shawn’s pump intervals became more precise, Carmen could sense the end to a fantastic night.  She began rubbing her clitoris as each thrust nudged her inner spot.  Carmen was now ready, “yes baby, yes baby, give it to me, give it to me”, encouraging Shawn to open the floodgates.  With no intention of letting his former love down, Shawn replied, “ahh, fuck baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming”.  As he tried to repeat it again, “I’m cummmmmm”, he couldn’t muster enough strength to do two things at once.  Not being able to express another word, the room filled with vibration from the harmonious effort of Shawn and Carmen orgasming at once.  The encounter surpassed all expectations and if the stars were as generous as to align again, one night could potentially turn into many depending on how varying situations played out.


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