It’s been about a year since

but for some reason the feeling lingers on

many days I go through withdrawal

certain nights, it becomes harder to accept that you’re gone

you were a mainstay in my progression

the main culprit of my ensuing demise

no matter how good or bad the times were

I never thought there would be a time to say goodbye

I often times crave you at dusk

usually when I’m at my loneliest, weakest point

just wanting to have you in my presence

You’ve always been there, never to disappoint!


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About tbrick11

Thank you for taking the time out to read a few lines. My creations are depicted from any and everything whether it's personal opinion, thoughts in my head, something brought about by a conversation, or something I've witnessed out in the world. Welcome to the mind of TBrick...Relax, free your mind and let the words illustrate within your imagination!

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