Thoughts ponder

Possibilities encapsulate the mind

As visuals of you run rampant

Seducing the blood that flows within

The unknown

Too enticing to neglect

Grasps hold of the one organ that is capable of eliciting emotions too pure to withhold

Your presence bolsters an emotional high

Untouchable by not even the tallest of coasters

Your scent lingers about

Producing a spell too mighty to forgo

Your touch transmits a frequency

Paralyzing my ever existence as I indulge in the what ifs of what could and should be but can’t due to this situation deemed reality!


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About tbrick11

Thank you for taking the time out to read a few lines. My creations are depicted from any and everything whether it's personal opinion, thoughts in my head, something brought about by a conversation, or something I've witnessed out in the world. Welcome to the mind of TBrick...Relax, free your mind and let the words illustrate within your imagination!

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