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Our Love

Thoughts of you elicit emotions Derived from a place of love The warmth that exudes from withinĀ me Ignites a fire only dreamed of You envelope my mind with a feelingThat’s sparked by the touch of your lips Giving a sensation often fantasized about but rarely experiencedWhen I look at you I see perfectionMade for, and […]


Time fades But the love grows stronger Going beyond Exceeding the predetermined Fantasy fulfilled

“Greener” on the Other Side

As the saying goes “the grass isn’t always GREENER on the other side”. 9 times out of 10 that statement may hold true….but for that 1 time, it gives hope that their may be greener pastures on the other side. It’s similar to the 80/20 rule… What looks like it may be the best on […]

Rich Man

Blessed with all the riches a man could ever imagine Jewels too priceless that it’s almost too much to fathom, Increasing in value, to invaluable to replace Only these precious gems are known by a familiar face, Known to raise a smile that could brighten the darkest of days Only known to give love in […]

I Want The Cheeks

I want the cheeks please excuse me for speakin’ my mind before you ask…no, that’s not all I think about but it’s hard not to, damn that ass is so fine I want the cheeks but I don’t mean it as a sign of disrespect what we have can be much more it’s not always […]

Everlasting Love

Tied with a knot Sealed with a kiss, Witnessed by the world A day to never forget, Emotions built upon by the minute Feelings materializing by the hour, Engulfed in a whirlwind of captivity Losing all sense of control and power, Excitement growing every day Desires scaling every week, Trying to describe with words yet […]

What’s Love

Love is: Having a desire burning within Yearning to be with the one you cherish, Having thoughts run rapidly through the mind Not wanting for a second them to perish, Butterflies building with anticipation Looking forward to the next time you grace my presence, Thinking about the past and the future And how perfect it […]