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Familiar Feeling

Visions of you give a feeling of solidarity Newfound moments fill the heart with love More pure than any water captured in the Islands of Fiji Advertisements


  Thoughts ponder Possibilities encapsulate the mind As visuals of you run rampant Seducing the blood that flows within The unknown Too enticing to neglect Grasps hold of the one organ that is capable of eliciting emotions too pure to withhold Your presence bolsters an emotional high Untouchable by not even the tallest of coasters […]


Put the pride to the side

and take care of your ego

no matter the time or the place

we don’t have a say of when we go

be sure to love your loved ones

and make sure that they know it

when you wake up tomorrow

you may not get a chance to show it

everyday you wake is a moment to cherish

make the most of all opportunities because they too shall perish

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