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It’s been about a year since but for some reason the feeling lingers on many days I go through withdrawal certain nights, it becomes harder to accept that you’re gone you were a mainstay in my progression Advertisements


Put the pride to the side

and take care of your ego

no matter the time or the place

we don’t have a say of when we go

be sure to love your loved ones

and make sure that they know it

when you wake up tomorrow

you may not get a chance to show it

everyday you wake is a moment to cherish

make the most of all opportunities because they too shall perish


Living on the edge experiencing life ahead of her time involved in everything not so right but from her point of view, it’s sublime attracted to the bad boy enamored by the glitz and glam

A Night of Passion 2: The Conclusion

Awakened by the tug of his rope And what seemed to be the sounds of the ocean, she laid arched over his midsection perfecting her craft as he grasped her ass awaiting to spread it open, In a position synonymous to lovers They would put there love for one another on display, Creating fireworks too […]


Moving forward, but looking back sidetracked by what has come and gone not able to fully grasp the concept of what it truly means to move on continually focusing on the rear-view waiting for something to sneak up from behind but not knowing that deep within the shadows anything that could cause any such damage […]

End of the Road

Cold days, dark nights Nowhere to turn All eyes seem to be on me I’m beginning to feel the burn The struggle, the stress, the feeling Of having no place to go Not knowing who you can really trust Questioning what it is you really know Feeling trapped inside a padded room Jacket on, not […]

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