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Our Love

Thoughts of you elicit emotions Derived from a place of love The warmth that exudes from within me Ignites a fire only dreamed of You envelope my mind with a feelingThat’s sparked by the touch of your lips Giving a sensation often fantasized about but rarely experiencedWhen I look at you I see perfectionMade for, and […]


  Thoughts ponder Possibilities encapsulate the mind As visuals of you run rampant Seducing the blood that flows within The unknown Too enticing to neglect Grasps hold of the one organ that is capable of eliciting emotions too pure to withhold Your presence bolsters an emotional high Untouchable by not even the tallest of coasters […]

In The Distance

Off in the distance Love fades like the sun setting beyond the ocean waves The sounds of waves crashing mimic the feeling deep within the heart…

Poetry In Motion

Together…let us create Poetry In Motion   Intertwining our bodies as one Connecting on levels never perceived Let me…make love to your mind Exercising your every fantasy Learning your wants and desires Creating a blueprint…to explore and fulfill your every need


I have fallen not down and out but in love with you all over again, it’s not your look,

Made Up

I looked in your eyes and became amused I looked at your weave and felt deceived I looked at your face, and it became clear some things aren’t always as they appear

Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams often turn to disgust in reality Knowing the moment I open my eyes, you are no longer here with me Frustrated that I can no longer feel your touch, elated to know what once was will soon be again, Sweet dreams…how can you be so near and dear yet you seem to escape […]