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It’s been about a year since but for some reason the feeling lingers on many days I go through withdrawal certain nights, it becomes harder to accept that you’re gone you were a mainstay in my progression Advertisements


“Attention”… Let me take my clothes off… I want No… I need all eyes on me What would life be To go through a day And not feel like my life was worthy Like me… Like me…


I have fallen not down and out but in love with you all over again, it’s not your look,

Made Up

I looked in your eyes and became amused I looked at your weave and felt deceived I looked at your face, and it became clear some things aren’t always as they appear

I Want That…

I want that… type of love that never goes out of style The type of love that… No matter what happened before us It’s the here and now that motivates us Not the when and where did it take place before us The type of love that… Continues to grow stronger with every passing second […]

Nowhere To Go

Days and nights go by but Still…the shadows of your face remain with infinite attempts made to erase what once was it’s you…making me believe I can withstand the pain The way that we talked The way that you kissed The embracing of your love It’s beginning to make sense… It’s you that I miss […]

Before It’s Too Late

Before it’s too late Let me express how I feel What is a mouth full of words That can only fall on deaf ears too many times losing time In a world with no rewind Losing friends and family left and right Trying to maintain the right frame of mind Every which way you turn […]