All a Dream

It was all a dream But when I awoke I couldn’t help but notice you next to me Lying there in all of your glory Nothing but beautiful flesh staring at me Advertisements

In The Distance

Off in the distance Love fades like the sun setting beyond the ocean waves The sounds of waves crashing mimic the feeling deep within the heart…


Time fades But the love grows stronger Going beyond Exceeding the predetermined Fantasy fulfilled


“Attention”… Let me take my clothes off… I want No… I need all eyes on me What would life be To go through a day And not feel like my life was worthy Like me… Like me…


Put the pride to the side

and take care of your ego

no matter the time or the place

we don’t have a say of when we go

be sure to love your loved ones

and make sure that they know it

when you wake up tomorrow

you may not get a chance to show it

everyday you wake is a moment to cherish

make the most of all opportunities because they too shall perish


She she touched me elevated me to places I’ve never been before soothed me made me feel like a million bucks… She was amazing AMAZING being an understatement the actions she displayed…mesmerizing

Poetry In Motion

Together…let us create Poetry In Motion   Intertwining our bodies as one Connecting on levels never perceived Let me…make love to your mind Exercising your every fantasy Learning your wants and desires Creating a blueprint…to explore and fulfill your every need

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